Certified ArboristsWe are a team of ISA certified and trained arborists servicing the Round Rock and surrounding areas of Texas. Our experts can help you diagnose problematic trees so you can have a healthier and more appealing landscape. Our staff works hard to stay current on the news and findings in fungus, pests, disease and other elements that may pose a threat to your tree’s vitality.

We are pleased to extend an onsite evaluation so we can form a plan together, insuring you the best quality and individual care with your trees. We can discuss strategies that include tree spraying, tree treatments, or tree fertilization among other possible suggestions to help you improve the health of your tree.

Tree Diagnosis

The first thing you will receive from our services is a diagnosis from an expert. This is the best way to determine the correct course of action with your tree. This step is arguably the most important as all treatments start from here. This is why you need an expert who understands soil science, botany, horticultural problems, pathology and entomology.

Abnormalities or Symptoms

There are things you can be on the lookout for when looking at your trees. Spotty leaves or leaves with blotches on them are signs or poor health. Stem dieback, poor or slow growth, cankers, galls, yellowing or wilting are also signs to be on the lookout for.

Stressed Trees

There are biotic and abiotic stresses and knowing which your tree is going through help determines the best course of treatment. Biotic stress includes fungus, bacteria, viruses, and even insects for starters. Abiotic stressors are environmental such as poor nutrients, air, unfavorable temps, water and more.

Most Common Tree Stressors:

Tree Care

Trees need to be saturated with water on an infrequent basis to encourage drought resistant trees. This promotes stronger, deeper roots that can overcome long periods without rain.

Each tree’s root area should be covered in hardwood mulch to provide shade and protection to the developing root system. This will also help to get rid of weeds, prevent weed-eater or mower damage and to hold in moisture.

Prune your trees regularly. This will help to promote healthy transfer of nutrients and encourage a healthy growth on your tree.

Get An Arborist Consultation

Working with an ISA certified arborist can help to insure you are on the right path in growing your trees. If you are planning an addition or new construction, working with an arborist can help insure your trees are protected against clearing or damage. In addition to insuring the tree won’t incur damage, our arborists will also evaluate the impact the construction may have on the soil. This will help to make sure your tree is just as magnificent after the update as it was before.

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