Tree Trimming

Tree TrimmingWe provide tree trimming/pruning to Round Rock, Tx and surrounding areas. Tree trimming is the most common and the most important aspect of tree care services. We sterilize our saws before each job and we paint all tree wounds over 2 inches in diameter on oak trees during the pruning process. Every one of our tree trimmers stays informed with the latest training and our team follows the ANSI 300 guidelines.

Types Of Pruning

The following list shows the tree trimming services that we most frequently provide to our clients:

  • Bolting Or Cabling Tree Limbs: During this service, we will install a cable or bolt and this gives additional structural support to the tree. It helps older trees in particular by preventing future damage.
  • Vista Pruning: This common process involves clearing a group of branches, improving your visual access to a building or even sign.
  • Reducing The Crown: To reduce the crown, we will prune lateral branches which create problems. Afterwards, the tree is slimmer and shorter and that is one of the many reasons for performing this particular service, particularly in cases where the tree grows underneath electrical lines or similar items.
  • Elevating The Crown: When we elevate a tree’s crown, we will raise its limbs which are located lower down. This process is ideal for creating room for your home or another building or providing clearance for people or cars to pass underneath.
  • Cleaning The Crown: When we clean a tree’s crown, we follow a process similar to a hairdresser when they thin out a person’s hair. This process involves us removing sprouts, stubbed limbs, and deadwood, and is incredibly common.
  • Providing Roof Clearance: It is common to hire our tree trimming services in order to provide roof clearance, protecting the roof and the property in general. During this process, we will take off any branches that are close to the house and in some cases reduce the overall number of branches on a tree.
  • Ball Moss Removal: Ball moss doesn’t is ugly and prefer its removal. Luckily ball moss typically attaches to the dead limbs of a tree so we remove it during standard tree trimming.

Recommended Cuts For Trimming

  • Trimming limbs infested with pathogens
  • Trimming damaged limbs or branches
  • Pruning branches which are in contact with wires or buildings
  • Removing sprouts which are in the tree canopy
  • Training trees so they match a shape
  • Pruning excessive wait as this prevents limb breakage
  • Trimming crossover limbs, which can increase pathogen risk
  • Pruning hazardous dead or decayed limbs

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