Trees for SaleWe offer a wide range of the highest quality, disease-free trees for sale in Round Rock, Tx and surrounding areas. To insure we can provide our clients with the best, we covet and maintain excellent wholesale accounts with many local area tree farmers. This promotes the best quality, selection, and prices being passed onto our clients.

We are meticulous in our selection and care of the trees and shrubs we bring to you making sure you get the top-notch quality that you deserve. To help improve your experience in adding new trees to your landscape, take a moment to read through the various watering tips we have put together here.

Watering Tips For Freshly Planted Trees

Plenty of things need to be considered when gauging how much and when to water your new trees. A basic guideline can help you create the ideal environment for these landscape additions. Take note of quantity as well as scheduling for the best results.

The day your tree is planted the large, ball of roots it has will have been soaked for quite some time. This will help your tree acclimate to the new soil it is planted in. The day following planting, the tree should be watered using only a very, slow trickle. This will make sure the roots are saturated completely and therefore better able to thrive. Avoid the sprinkler as it will cover too much ground, leaving the tree roots still thirsty.

The slow trickle method is a very small, dribble of water that will penetrate an area about the size of the root base. This promotes maximum saturation of the root system, encouraging their growth and longer reaches. This is what makes your tree healthier and better able to withstand dry spells.

Balled and Burlap Tree Water Guideline For New Plantings

85 or hotter every three days water.

65-85 degrees- on the 6th day, or roughly once a week.

40-65 degrees water twice a month or alternate weeks.

*You should always water your newly planted trees before a freeze.

Trees That Are Container Grown

Less than 40 degree—once a month watering

40-65 degrees —11-14 days or about every other week.

65-85 degrees —water on the 6th day.

85 and up water every third day.