Hedge TrimmingOur team of highly trained professionals provide expert hedge trimming services in Round Rock, TX as well as the surrounding areas.

Regardless of the hedge type or condition, our team is happy to help you get it back into a shape that adds aesthetic appeal and value to your home. If you are just considering adding bushes and hedges to your landscaping design we are also ready to advise you. If you are looking to add a formal shape to the shrubbery around your home to create an upscale feel, we can provide this service as well, including pillars, globes, squares and more. No matter the planning stage or the kind of bushes, hedges or shrubs you need trimmed our team can help you plan the best course of care to insure your landscaping looks top notch.

Knowing When To Trim Hedges

Some types of greenery fair better when they are pruned during specific seasons and shrubs are no different in this matter. When and how much to prune will depend on the type of hedge as well as the individual condition of the plant. Working with our highly qualified staff will insure you get the proper trimming at the proper time to make the most out of your landscaping.

How To:

Trimming your hedge will also require a finesse that speaks from experience. This is because snipping, sawing and removing limbs should be done strategically and in a specific fashion. This will help to encourage healthy growth and promote the correct shape of your shrubbery. Our trained professionals are ready to perform this service for you.

Hedge Diseases And Preventive Care:

In addition to insuring your hedges are trimmed properly and at the right time, we will also make sure to evaluate how healthy your hedges are. With regular care you can detect any potential problems early on. This will help to make sure your plants thrive in a healthy environment and ad the most to your home. Our professionals will also evaluate if your shrubs need a boost such as food or additional fertilizer, making sure your landscape is healthy and vibrant.

Perhaps you haven’t added any hedges or shrubbery yet but have been toying with the idea that you would use a natural element to add a barrier in your yard. We are pleased to help you with the selection process, providing you with advice based off of experience.