Stump Grinding

Stump GrindingWhen our team does stump grinding, we take your existing tree stump and grind it down six inches underneath the ground, letting you grow plants, such as grass on top of this area. We have a special machine that we use for stump grinding and removal and this device uses teeth set on a spinning wheel so the roots and stump become mulch. This is the method of removing stumps that will impact your yard the least. Keep in mind that the alternative of pulling up the stump along with its roots would lead to destruction of everything nearby.


The following list shows just some of the biggest benefits associated with stump grinding:

  • You can landscape as normal with the area in the future.
  • There are not any roots or stump remnants that you must haul away and dispose of.
  • You will not be left with a large hole in the middle of your yard.

Reasons To Hire Our Services

Stump grinding is an all around great option when it comes to improving your property. It will not only remove the unwanted stump from your yard, preventing a potential safety hazard and an eyesore, but it also provides useful natural products. Due to our unique stump grinding machine, we do not use any unnatural products.

You can also choose to keep the mulch resulting from the ground up roots and stump. If so, this makes an excellent mulch for landscaping or other uses around your home, although you should balance it as it tends to be highly acidic.

Stump grinding becomes particularly desirable if you have ever attempted to remove a stump by hand in the past. You probably had little success and a great deal of frustration. Instead, by having us use our stump grinder, you get the following benefits:

  • We will not only grind the stump, but also the roots, both on the surface and down six inches below the ground as well.
  • In addition to grinding the roots down six inches, we do the same with the stump (between six and eight inches deep). This allows you to grow grass as well as similar shallow root plants in this area in the future, starting shortly after we finish grinding the stump.
  • Our stump grinder has a unique design that allows it to more easily reach hard places than some of the other stump grinders companies use or you would find on your own.

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